We strive to deliver our products to you in a fast and low-cost way. Our delivery times are estimated and updated daily based on the order schedule.

We are currently delivering product(s) across Malaysia only.

Estimated delivery time upon purchase(s) (including production time) will be within 7 working days, or within a reasonable time of the date of the Shipping Confirmation. Delivery time may vary. But rest assured that we are putting our efforts into delivering your purchase(s) as quickly as possible.

Delivery cost estimated at MYR 9.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Nine) and may be updated according to the shipping charges by the courier service(s).




How do I choose the size?


We do not offer standard size(s) as all our shirts are made to measure. Please follow the instructions to submit your photos for our AI system to digitally measure your fit. You can check https://buvago.my/how-to-measure/ to learn how to submit your photos.

Buvago AI helps you get started with made-to-measure clothing in the simplest way possible. With just two photos, our body scanner computes all your necessary measurements as precisely as the physical professional tailor done with a measuring tape.


How accurate are the Buvago AI measurements?

BUVAGO have developed a body scanner that uses your photos to achieve highly accurate measurements. Tested and proven to be comparable to the measurements taken by a professional tailor.


What happens if my shirt does not fit?

In the unlikely event that your shirt(s) are less than perfect, please contact Buvago customer service and address your concern(s). Our team will assist you to resolve the issue.




Do you offer any discounts?

Exclusive discounts will be sent via email to our members.

Make sure to follow our social media platforms at @buvago.my for updates on our other offerings and promotions.


What payment method do you offer?

At the moment, we received payment via credit or debit card only via Stripe upon checkout. We also offer local online bank transfer, IBG.



Do you offer customer service over the phone?

To maintain accuracy, we only offer customer support via email only at [email protected]. We aim to constantly answer your inquiry(s) within 24 hours. Should you not receive any answer from us within the given time frame, please get in touch with us again.




What fabrics do you use to produce the shirt?

We are using pure cotton shirting fabrics to produce our shirts. The colours and patterns will be updated seasonally to ensure more variation for our customers to choose from.


Where do the fabrics come from?

We are currently buying fabrics from fair trade leading suppliers across Asia and Europe.




I just placed an order but realized that I want to change some details. What do I do?

Please write an email to our customer support at [email protected] directly and let us know which changes you would like to make within 24 hours. As order(s) will go into production swiftly, it is important that you do this as soon as possible so we can apply the changes to the order(s).


What should I do if I would like to make the purchase for another person?

You can submit the required photos of the person accordingly into the platform. To make sure that the order is being placed correctly, please make sure to place the mailing address in your profile to the address of the person that you would like to send the order(s) to.


Can I save my shopping cart/design for later?

Put the designs that you want to save in your shopping cart and make sure that you are logged in onto your customer’s account. This way you cart is save with your design(s)/ selected item(s) while stock lasts.




Where are your custom garments produced?

We produce our made to measure products in our factory locally in Malaysia. We can guarantee that all production processes are carried out under fair trade and well-managed conditions.





I just unpacked my purchase(s), and it has some stains on it. What do I do?

We always recommend washing the garment(s) once according to the washing instructions without using any extra treatment or bleach before the first wear to remove any chalking/ marking stain(s). Should there still be a stain after the first wash, please submit us the picture to our customer service at [email protected] so we can investigate the issue further.


My garment(s) does not fit, what should I do?

Please contact our customer service at [email protected] and send us some pictures of you wearing the garment (front, side, and rear view). Our team will investigate and help you with the issue.


I would like to make a return. What do I do?

Since all our custom garments are made to order based on your design(s) and measurements, these cannot be returned.

Non-custom-made items can be returned and exchanged within 14 days. Kindly email us at [email protected] to process the returned. You are responsible for the returned good until it reaches us. Order number or customer number must be clearly included in the email.